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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  September 18, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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graduation in more than five years. breaking news the prince george's county where a woman is dead and man is in the hospital after a shooting. officers went to the 23'd parkway at barnabas road. they found a woman dead inside the home and man with multiple gunshot wounds outside. megan mcgrath will have more on what led up to the shootsing. her update in about five minutes. good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. chuck bell has your first forecast. does that mean we're going get another warmup, chuck? >> you bet you. a mostly clear sky in washington. off to a quiet start but it will be a warm finish. poor air quality again. good news about your weekend. air quality is code yellow but there is an opportunity to get to code orange by later on this afternoon. that's unhealthy for sensitive
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groups to limit their outdoor times this afternoon. right now, mid to upper 50s in the suburbs. your hometown forecast, bl bluemont, virginia, the fair. into the 80s this afternoon. bus stop school day weather in ten minutes. right now, traffic with melissa. >> good morning. takinge aing a live look there. headed out of town, don't have any issues there. again, it's southbound here. virginia, 95. as you're headed to dale city, we're slow because of roadwork going 9 miles an hour right now. that should be out of the way in the next 15 minutes and things should clear up quickly. branch avenue at curtis, still have that roadwork happening and, again, the roadwork, just talked with police in d.c. loughboro road cleared here.
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the pope arrives in cuba tomorrow for a four-day visit. he'll celebrate mass in havana's that means pope francis's next stop. "news4's" megan fitzgerald is live at the national basilica with a look on when things will be ready. meg snn. >> reporter: officials tell us they give us a strong and confident, yes, they will be. they've been working since 6:00 a.m., working tirelessly to get things together. we're told all the preparations will be complete. you can see that the roof where the pope will celebrate mass, it was raised yesterday afternoon. crews were out building the risers where the media will
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broadcast on wednesday and we're told the next order of business is setting up the 15,000 chairs for those who have tickets to sit. but workers are paying attention to every detail. they're even painting curbs, trimming trees, making sure everything is perfect. we're told that almost all of the 25,000 tickets for the holy father's mass have been distributed. u however, today, congresswoman elean will have a drawing. thiel be able to watch it from the west lawn on of the capitol achlt this point the congresswoman has not said how many tickets will be passed out. the white house sending a strong warning as are many other agencies that traffic is going to be a nightmare. so it's important for folks to plan accordingly. back to you. >> indeed. megan fitzgerald live at the
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basilica. thank you. you can find out everything you need to know about pope francis's visit including closings and alerts. a maryland woman police believe is responsible for the death of her two children will face a judge this morning. katherine hugle is nation abduction, neglect, and hindering law enforcement charges for the disappearance of her son and daughter. they've been missing for more than a year and police are billing a hom said case. she has skichizophreniaschizoph. her lawyers argue she's unfit. >> police put more patrols out after the thread spread online. holland said the tweet was a joke. developing this morning another shutdown showdown brewing. a live look for you at the capitol where congress has until september 30th. that's less than two weeks to pass a spending bill or face
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another government shutdown. they're working together on a compromise but there are still potential deal breakers that has president obama and presidential hopefuls choosing sides. coming up in a few minutes we'll talk with tracie potts about what this could mean for many of you. virginia's board of health wants to roll back strict regulation. governor terry mckol off wants to reverse rules that critics say are aimed at putting carolina clinics out of work. carolina culde is asking for your help. a tree fell on her in the storm and severed her spine. since then she's been dealing with surgeries and complications. just friday she went to the doctor for more treatment. and the timing is worse.
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alculde lost her job. that means her benefits are gone as well. you would imagine alculde is angry. she's not. >> i think it's a waste of time, a waste of energy to be angry at. what am i supposed to be angry at? the tree that fell on me? >> friends started a go fund me account. she still wants to work and she wants to focus on what she can do. 5:06. if your weekend plans have your taking the metro, you want to hear this next story. the red, blue, and yellow line trains will run every 24 minutes. the other thing, metro will open at 6:00 for customers trying to get to the navy/air force half marathon. an exciting moment for commuters in silver spring. they've been waiting a long time
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for this one. the new $14 million commuter station will open at 7:00. it has spotted for more than 30 buss that will serve metro, montgomery ride on and the university of maryland. a developing story we're following in chile where another aftershock has rocked par of the country. new details coming in as the death toll continues to climb. >> looking live outside this morning, you might need the heat on this morning. but the ride home could be a different story. check out your commuter forecast at 5:11. the breaking news in prince george's county. megan mcgrath just
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huge aftershock struck a country overnight. it's where an 8.3 magnitude
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earthquake killed 12 people. we're told it did not cause any additional damage. chile could feel more aftershocks for months to go. a woman is charge for bringing a loaded gun into reagan national airport. ajejts discovered the gun at the security checkpoint on wednesday. this is the ninth gun they've taken at the airport this year. 5:11. we're ready for a check. amelia segal, it's always beautiful out there. >> here's the storm team 4. the temp reported at 66 degrees. it's not feeling as chilly as you might think 66 would feel stepping out in the early morning hours wchl're coming in
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in the 50s and 60s across the area. dulles reporting a temperature of 58. leesburg a temperature of 59. and 60 degrees in camp springs. we're looking at plenty of sun throughout the day today. temperatures will warm to around 85. so walking to work, not too bad. coming home, feeling a little bit hot. for your more on what that means, you can head to my facebook and twitter page. chuck is up in ten minutes talking about a cooldown over the weekend. for now we send it over to melissa who's tracking an accident on the roads. what's the latest, melissa? >> we have this at loughboro and dalecarlia. the roads still shut down in front of sibley hospital. a warning for you. beltway and eisenhower connector, no major problems. you're seeing a problem here. taking a look at i-95, this is better as you head to dale city. it was 9 miles an hour.
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now you're looking at 41. no major problems. remember to listen to our friends at wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car. megan mcgrath just pulled up to the scene of a deadly shooting and what we're learning about the suspect. straight ahead. what lawmakers are doing today to craik down on what some call an epidemic. it looks like he's it looks like he's intentionally h
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we have breaking news right now. a woman is dead in prince george's county and police are trying to figure out why someone shot her. detective first went to her home near barnabas last night. they found her dead and a man hurt outside. megan mcgrath picks up our coverage of the investigation from temple hills.
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megan? >> we >> reporter: well, eun, we're here live at the gateway of temple hills. if you look beyond the parking lot the door is open. you can see inside the apartment. you can see the sofa at the entrance of the apartment. investigators have been going in and out all night long. crime scene techs are on the scene. they've been there all night. they're collecting evidence, taking pictures and the like trying to figure out exactly what happened here. now, the shots rang out at around 10:00 last night. police got here and found a woman dead inside the apartment and then a man was found outside. he was shot several times. he was taken to the hospital. but at this point, we don't have any updates on his condition. police don't have any information that they're releasing with regard to suspects or motive. it's an active investigation. they're looking for witnesses in this case. no word on the identity or the
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age of the woman who was found dead here inside the apartment. but folks who link in the area should be aware that there's a big section of the parking lot here that is cordoned off and police, it appears, are going to be here for some time. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, megan. 5:18. a kentucky state trooper killed on the job will be laid to rest. joseph ponder was killed sunday night. it was supposed to be a routine traffic stop, but suspect drove away. after a high-speed chase, the suspect fired shots into the trooper's car. ponder had been on the job just nine months. >> today we expect to learn more about the actions of an army sergeant. bowe bergdahl may take the stand on a second day of the military hearing in texas. bergdahl was held captive in afghanistan for five years before he was exchanged for
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several guantanamo bay detainees. >> new legislation from capitol hill today in an effort to slow the threat of synthetic drugs. specialists at the dea said names like legal weed are misleading. the drugs are closer to bath salts than atmosphere. "news4" will monitor it. >> there's a new connection between moms who are stressed and new dental health. moms with chronic stress in the study were also less likely to breast-feed which is a risk factor for cavities. >> mobile technology is on the school lunch menu. it allows the parents to look at the nutritional content of the school lunches. there are even photos of the food. cartwell's has team up with
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knewtry slice to come up with the app. it's helpful especially if your kids have allergies. >> if you have special dietary requirements you're able to identify that through the app, through special icons. >> chartwell says more than 3,000 schools in the u.s. are now using the knewtry slice app. u.s. air force thunderbirds are holding a rehearsal today. it's tomorrow morning at 10:00. that show is free and you can park for free at fedex avenue at branch avenue and take in rehearsal. >> the air show is so cool. it's like the cherry blossoms. eight is something you have to do when you come to visit. >> you stand there in awe. >> sfliet the question, of course, is will the weather hold out for a spectacular air show. >> storm team 4's meteorologist
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chuck bell with the weather. >> it will be a great weekend for doing this. good weather to go out and enjoy not just the air show but anything else you need to. sit in the backyard. it's got to be good weather for that too. outside, high pressure in charge. just like yesterday, today once again will be a cold orange air quality alert. stagnant pressure has been keeping us high and dry all week. with time it will head to the coast of new england. that will bring an east-northeasterly wind into the picture. that will be a significant change in the weather pattern around here. it will bring clouds back into the sky. not a whole lot of measurable rainfall. dreary. patching of clouds likely for monday and tuesday. for today the weather impact will be low. outside of poor air quality, it will be another sunny and warm afternoon. three miles of visibility in
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frederick, maryland, five miles winchester and below a mile in culpeper. watch out in the rural areas. temperatures, mid to upper 50s early this morning. what to wear? maybe that little bit of a jacket first thing this morning. again, it's a shedable layer with all the sunshine and warmer weather coming your way later on. hourly temperatures will go from 60s this morning to low 80s at lunchtime to 80s. the other thing you might do is the bluemont fair saturday and sunday. for me sunday would be the prettier day. breezy and cooler, in the 70s. saturday would be good too. most important of all, the whole weekend is looking rain-free. rain chances back next week. here's your seven-day. 87 today, 88 tomorrow, 80 on sushld. it will get breezy. clouds in there. the rain chances as well. i heard it's a truck fire or
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chuck fire. >> are you hot right now? >> i am. >> it's not a chuck fire. it's a truck fire. a truck fire there. it is off to the side of the road. chuck does not have to worry about getting too overheated here this morning. in northwest hospital in front of sibley hospital, longborough road still shut down at dalecarlia. no actual problems. a big look at the beltway. no real problem at the inner r we have that truck fire but not going to slow things down. seeing a pretty good response if you're headed out any time soon. back in ten minutes. >> we'll see you then, melissa. thank you. it's now 5:23. new information about the flooding in utah. we're learning more about the people who died. the woman we were told was missing was found dead. she was one of seven hikers from
5:24 am
nevada who died. vol tires will be searching again for a missing 6-year-old. a man is also missing in northwest arizona right now. we expect an update this afternoon on the big wildfires burning in california right now. chuck says cooler temperatures are moving in. however, the fire in valley is 35% contained. five people have died. mexican authorities have arrested one person they believe is behind the massacre of 43 student teachers last year. they announce the arrests in the hopes of getting more information on the suspect. he's the alleged member of a drug cartel. he gave the order to kill the teachers. they say there are deep flaws in this investigation. and take a look at this scary video here. a lucky escape. such a close call for a bus that
5:25 am
crashed into a pond. thank a look. there's no word on what caused the crash. no one was hurt. maybe you saw this video on the nbc washington app. you sigh it here. this is in new jersey. that player's mother now says it was not intentional when he pulled off the other player's helmet and swung it at him. >> he said his hand got stuck in the helmet. i believe my child. i'm not believing he's right or wrong. he's my son. >> he needed stitches. the other player was kicked off the team and was suspended from school. a boy was arrested after bringing a homemade clock to school. he's expected to pick up the clock from the police today. his family says he won't be going back to that school. the district called police after
5:26 am
mohamed brought in the clock to show his teacher this week. they say anti-muslim rhetoric is blamed for it. they don't blame the school. several students expected to show up wearing the exact same thing that got them suspended. donald trump under fire. what he did or didn't do at a campaign rally that has some people outraged. a quick look at the region and temperatures you're seeing attd&÷ this hour. some of you wake up with the 50s ♪
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now at 5:30, shutdown showdown. we're weeks away from a federal shutdown. how it could impact you and your family. live from capitol hill. and mayor bowser calling what could be a crisis. what happened yesterday could save lives today. talk about pandamonium. a huge donation. a donation made to the national zoo could mean more cubs. i like it. i love those cubs. good morning. i'm eun yang. i'm aaron gilchrist. we have more on the road closures. first kristin wright at the live desk. >> we're watching the migrant and refugees.
5:30 am
croatian authorities are overwhelmed and have shut down all but one of its serbian borders. hungary also closed off its border and started arrests those trying to enter. they're putting up a the,500-mile fence along with croatia. most are headed to germany and scandinavia. back to you. >> outside right now it's a quiet start to your morning. air quality is code yellow. first thing, you want to reduce some of your outdoor activities as possible. later on with the snag nant air in place, we could be in a code original. right now, 59 in gaithersburg. 62 in rockville. there's your sky facast 4.
5:31 am
77 or your way out to dinner and a movie tonight. ten minutes from now amelia seagal will be talking about your school day forecast. >> it has to be good and then it had better be nice after. at the turnpike it's blocked. we have a little bit of a closure at this point because of the situation. in front of sibley hospital, loughboro and dal carl ya closed. rb to listen to our friends on wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop into your car. now to a developing story. a lack of action on capitol hill is preparing them for another possible shutdown. if a deal isn't met by the end of this month, many of you may
5:32 am
be affected. nbc's tracie potts. good morning. >> hey, good morning. the kem carats came out of 590-minute meeting with president obama and agreed they want to get this done quickly and they're going to have to pass something short term. in other words, every other year they can't come to a big deal on the budget but they don't want the shutdown to pass. nancy pelosi on the outside said she's optimistic. harry reid on the senate side said he's pessimistic. president obama plans to veto anything that does not fund planned parent hood. that's a big issue here. at least 40 stringive will not pass the budget. they'll hang up the entire government over the issue of funding planned parenthood. after the shocking video came out they said they essentially want to put their foot down on this one. they'll wait to see how and if they can work it out.
5:33 am
hillary clinton just overnight released a statement saying they should not stop the entire budget process over this one issue. >> so, tracie, as we wait to see what happens, as we look out, what's the impact potentially for all of us? >> well, if the government shuts down, it's not necessarily -- technically it's something that happens overnight, but agencies have to plan for this. they're already doing that. the interior department tells us they're putting plans in place in case they have to furlough workers. remember the last time the national park shut down. they loefrt over $400 million in income because the people could. come to the parks. >> tracie potts on capitol hill. thank you, tracie. 5:33 now. several presidential candidates are headed to south carolina today. there's a republican forum expected there. donald trump is expected to respond to mayor grilling about a rae response to a question in
5:34 am
new hampshire last night. >> we have a problem in our country. muslims. we know our current president is not one. >> we need the question. >> anyway, we have training camps rolling where they want to kill us than's my question. when are we going to get rid of them? >> we're going to look at a lot of different thing. a lot of people are saying bad things are happening out there. we're going to look at plenty of other things. >> democrats especially critical of trump and his'. >> hillary tweeted, quote, it was disturbing and plain wrong that trump did not denounce the comment about the president. trump said he was clearly caught off guard. he didn't hear the statement about president obama and his response was specifically about training camps, not muslims. two powerful women will speak at today's meeting of the
5:35 am
black conference. both attorney general loretta lynch and national security adviser susan rice will speak at a washington convention center. rice will speak around 2:30 this afternoon. the so-called yawning bank robber is in custody this morning. he robbed a. the dchlt bank in clarendon this morning. the man handed a teller a note demanding money and acted like he had a gun. when he left, he dropped some of the money he stole from the bank. he has not been charged an police have not identified him. a teenager accused of punching and knocking a man down an escalator has pled guilty to assault charges. transit police say smith had an gunlt with man on a metro plane. thaw show the exchange at the eastern market back in april. that continued onto the
5:36 am
platform. he was arrested as he arrived at the top of the escalator. developing in southwest virginia this morning, two dozen high school students are starting their first day of suspension for fighting the school's suspension on the confederate flag. they can't have the flalg on their clothing, their cars, or the school's parking lot. >> they're trying to get rid of it and they're not trying to get rid of any other flags. >> it was a year of fights that occurs between 2001 and 2002. >> the flag's use came under heavy debate after a gunman killed nine people in historic south carolina. after the shooting photos came out with the gunman dylann roof posing with the american flag. the board of visitors
5:37 am
approved that request. $90 million will go toward operational funds and the other is set aside for capital funds. close to $13 million is reserved for cyber security upgrades. governor terry mcauiliffe is expected to make his formal investigation this summer. >> if you're getting the kids' cloektss out for the day. take a look at the sky. 67 outside our studios right now. >> chuck's back with the forecast. just days after a woman died from a suspected case of west nile virus, laurel takes action. what neighbors there can expect to see this weekend. and fallout after a comedian comes clean. comes clean. who's p
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you won't see actor steve rannazzisi in commercials. buffalo wild wings says it's pulling all of its ads with ran
5:41 am
zeecy. daniel ruben steen has pledged more than $4.5 million so the breeding program can go on. >> she's up! >> is the baby with her? >> sfleebl it's going toward research. since then the female zoo's panda mei xiang haas given tai shan who's in china, bao bao and the new one hasn't received a name yet. >> i keep waiting for the began to reach up and unzip and a person to step out. >> he does nout believe that the pandas are actually pandas. that they all have suits on and the cubs have sutss on. >> one day. 5:41. i want to check on the weather for you. >> storm team 4 meteorologist
5:42 am
amelia segal is at the basilica this morning. whether you're taking the bus or walking to work, we have you covered. how does it feel out there? >> reporter: calm winds and temperatures holding at 66 degrees. it's a little moisture in the air so feeling a touch humid. most of us, not noticing the humidity at all this morning. i am tracking areas of patchy fog. frederick reports visibility down to a quarter of a mile. some other temperatures for you across the region coming in to the 50s and 60s. at the bus stop this morning temperatures in the 60s during the morning hours. we'll start to flirt with that 70-degree mark. a high today of 5. recess gets an a with plenty of sunshine and comfortable temperatures wchl're looking at cooler air to move in over the weekend. chuck will have the time thoong coming up in ten minutes.
5:43 am
we'll send things to melissa with a check of the roads. >> that's the most important thing, of course. outer loop still has that off-ramp blocked because a truck now disabled had a fire there. you're going to see a response there on the right side of the roadway. loughboro still closed. they're doid road repairs. >> in maryland, no major problems. 270. top of the beltway, outer loop. 66 inbound and north. no issues either. looking pretty good. back in ten minutes. >> all right, melissa. thank you. we continue to follow breaking news in prince george's county. one person is dead and another wounded. an update on the driver's condition and a possible motive next. >> we're days away from pope francis's visit in d.c. there are a lot of things under way in
5:44 am
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breaking news if you're just joining us at 5:45. right now news4's megan mcgrath working to learn more about the victims around a possible motive. stay with us for more later on. right now we do want to get a check on your traffic and weather headlines. let's start with storm team 4's meteorologist chuck bell. >> the song goes wake up breaki hard to do but sometimes waking up is hard to do as well. we'll talk more about the day and the weekend in just a few minutes. for now, here's melissa. >> a little slow through that area right now because of some lane closures. outer loop at little river turnpike. we'll talk more about that closure in northwest coming up. coming up on 5:48.
5:48 am
before we see him in d.c. poke francis is getting ready to spend the weekend in cue bachlt cuba. he sent a four-minute message. he'll celebrate mass in havana's resch lieu scare. afterward he heads to the u.s. and we're his first job. >> megan fitzgerald is at the national basis cal of the immaculate conception in northeast washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. these crews have been working hard but they've been working fast. the basilica tells us they've been working on the east portico since a.m. at monday. all preparations are expected to be done by sunday. you can see the roof of where the pope will celebrate mass is already up. it was raised yesterday afternoon. crees were out building the
5:49 am
rierzs where the media will broadcast on wednesday and the next order of business is setting up the 15,000 chairs on the lawn for those who have tickets to sit. workers are paying attention to every detail, painting the curb and trimming trees to make sure everything is perfect. we're told almost all of those 25,000 tickets for the holy father's mass have been zrikt. however, congresswoman eleanor holmes norton of d.c. will have drawing for standing room only tickets when congress addresses t -- when the pontiff addresses the congress. they'll be able to watch it on the jumbotron on the west lawn of the capitol. traffic in and around the area is going to be a nightmare. it's important for people to plan ahead. back to you. >> megan fitzgerald live there.
5:50 am
thank you. you can learn about the roads on our nbc washington app. it's 5:50 and virginia's board of health wants to roll back strict regulations governor terry mcauliffe wants to reverse the rules. regulation supporters argue the rules help protect women's health. >> i should not be here today. i should be dead. >> carolina alculde is very much alive today and she's asking for your help. she was first introduced to you after a nasty derecho in 2012. a tree fell on her and severed her spins. she's run into complications and she recently lost her job. that means she's lot ler benefits as well. >> to be hateful or angry, it's a waste of tine.
5:51 am
what am i supposed to be angry at? a tree that fell on me? >> friends started a go fund me fund called campo alculde. >> desperately need the rain. we're way behind essentially for the last thing days. 13 rainy days in the month of june. 12 inches of rain. we didn't need rain on july 1st but we need it now in the middle of september. it's typically a dry part of the year for us. it's not a surprise it's dry, but it's unusually dry. we've gone forever since we've had a real soaker of a rainstorm. still a mild 66 in washington.
5:52 am
there are still patchy areas of fog in the local waterways. but, yeah, september temperatures are four degrees above average and in 3 1/2 weeks we're behind. 50s and low to mid-60s as you walk out the door this morning. planning out your day by 8:00, 9:00, temperatures up close to 70. by come home time later today, mid-80s with plenty of sunshine. so the really only weather slowdown is the fog by this morning by later this afternoon and on into the part of the weekend it will be green in the weather department. mid to upper 80s around town and low to mid 80s. another great night for baseball. let's hope it's a great win. temperatures near 80 at 7:00 and drifting into the mid-70s by 9:00 or 10:00 p.m. as far as rainfall chances, nothing for us.
5:53 am
the sunshine state has been sunshine challenged. that will continue. this area of chicago could cause slight delays in chicago, detroit, or cincinnati by later on tofrmd by the time that energy gets here, all that moisture will essentially have dried up. sunshine today. fair skies again tonight and a dry start to the weekend. here's a dry start. sunny and warm. the last of the really warm days. mid to upper 80s tomorrow. more clouds around and there could be a sprinkle or two in the potomac highlands. that's about it. no rain chances here in the metro until we get into early next week. monday and tuesday probably or best chances in the next day or two. rain chances, yes, but heavy rain, no. much, much cooler next week. melissa mollet with a check on your traffic. >> good morning, chuck. i have a couple of things happening. first of aushlgs sending the
5:54 am
chopper over to this situation, hearing about a motorcycle crash ther there, this offer ramp just cleared so the yaufr ram subpoena now open. it's off to the right shoulder. in northwest, loughboro road shut down at dalecarlia roadway. . going have live pictures from here in a couple of minutes. a woman na that area died of a suspected case of west nile area. her neighborhood had been sprayed twice before. there are no designated areas. some don't want the pesticides on their properties but they're
5:55 am
urging everybody to protect not only their property but themselves too. >> we're asking all the residents to take real hard look at their property to eliminate any sources of stagnant water. >> now, the didn't of agriculture in maryland will begin spraying this sunday at duff snook we have a consumer alert for you this morning. target shopper, listen up. 178,000 of these very popular children water bottles are being recalled because of a choiking hazard. the bottles are sold exclusively at target. parentally inner plastic straw on the flip-top portion of the twist cap can break. there have been nine incidents of the straws breaking including children spitting out plastic fragments. take a look at the variety of these cups. if your children have one of these cups, stop europes them and contact the maker zak for a replacement straw. toyota drivers, you also have a recall to hear about.
5:56 am
a recall from toyota. the company is recalling 400,000 rav4 suvs. corrosion on the windshield wipers may cause them to stop working. you will receive a letter in the mail if your car is part of this recall. good morning. i'm landon dowdy with cnbc. several apple customers report that their phones have crashed. the upgrade failed after several minutes and analysts say that's likely because too many updated at the same time. some say their older devices froze. apple encountered several bugs and some were never fixed. that's your cbc report. i'm landon dowdy. >> they're getting body cameras. the first 150 officers are being
5:57 am
equipped this july and eventually 1 rkds 400 cops will wear them. the program will cost. they'll help them store and use the video from the body cameras. d.c.'s mayor says they're ramping up efforts to cut down non-911 emergency calls. this year the average jumed from 3,700 calls day to 4,400 calls. they're tying up ambulances that could be saving lives. >> we're doing more brought public education on how and when and where people can access transportation. in some cases they need to go to the emergency room. in other cases the doctor. >> 22 new cal center employees graduated from training.
5:58 am
11 will be call takers
5:59 am
today on "news4 today" we have breaking news over a deadly shooting. what police are telling us about
6:00 am
this attack. >> we're also watching developments out of chile right now where aftershocks have people on alert. new video on the damage coming out of that country. but first storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is tracking another air quality alert for you. what's going on, chuck? >> another stagnant high pressure system has been in place all week long. as a result without a change in air masses, we've added pollution each and every day. air quality has continued to diminish. it will be a warm state to later today. that that's unhealthy for sensitive groups. no chance for rain just yet. we could use the rain showers. temperatures in the 50s in the suburbs to low 60s. bluemont, virginia, getting ready for the bluemont fair this weekend. let's hope it's a smooth ride in to work and school. a check on that now with melissa mollet and first forecast. >> fingers crossed


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